About Pablo Picasso

Picasso is like god to most of the artists who search for peace and get comfort in paintings. He is an artist beyond comparison even after so many generations in the art world. There are so many things that almost everyone knows about Picasso, but there a few facts that most people have probably not heard of. For example, let us have a look at some of the less known facts about Pablo Picasso:

  • At first, Picasso waHuit-aeuvres-de-Picasso-vendues-par-jour-en-2015s born still. Yes, you read it right. Such a great contributor to the art world was stillborn and miraculously came back to life.
  • The first word that Picasso spoke was “piz”. Piz means pencil. A lot of people wonder if little Picasso knew from the beginning what he was destined for. A great artist in the making from the very start!
  • Talking about paintings, the first oil painting done by Picasso was at the age when most other kids were busy playing with their toys. He painted his first painting at the age of 9 years. It was in the year 1890 when Picasso painted “Le Picador”. In this painting, he basically painted a man riding a horse besides a bull fighting plaza or arena.
  • A few years later, when Picasso was 14 years old, he made a painting called “First Communion”. It was at that time his sister took her first communion. This painting depicts his father, mother and younger sister sitting before the altar in a church on their knees.

There is so much more about this amazing painter who gave so much to the world. His work is priceless. The way he used to fill his work with his soul and heart is something that painters across the planet are trying to master, but there can only be one Picasso.