Insight: Picasso’s Paintings

Pablo Picasso, widely known as just Picasso was born in 1881 and started gaining attention and fame in the 20th century. He was an artist with no limits. He did not just lepicasso-39592_960_720ave his mark on paintings, but he was equally famous for his sculptures, ceramics, and stage designing. Known for his imagination and creativity, Picasso rewrote art history with his heart and soul. His paintings are said to talk to people that admire them through the colors and patterns they are painted with. Picasso was not a painter to abide by traditional ways of art. He explored new ways and techniques to paint and showcase his work.

His paintings and work are so outstanding that even after decades; it looks as beautiful as ever before. His work has so much influence on modern art that we see today that his contribution to the art society can never be forgotten. Several times, he filled his canvas with his own life stories and experiences. Such paintings talk about stories of his life and that of his family members. Some people will be surprised to know that “First Communion” was painted by Picasso for his sister, when he was merely 14 years of age.

A lot of people think that most of the paintings done by Picasso were nude paintings. This is not true. Yes, a lot of them were nude paintings, however, there is much more to him than just nude paintings. His paintings are like treasures that the world will cherish forever. They are not just any paintings; they are stories of his life, his soul, and his emotions. So much filled in one canvas! His paintings define periods of history. He was a great artist who gave a new dimension to the art world, and will live by his work forever.