Picasso Exhibition – Moroccan Treat

Good news for those who love Picasso’s work. There is going to be an exhibition of Picasso’s work in Morocco next year. The National Foundation for Museums (FNM) and the Picasso National Museum have got into an agreement which means that there will be an exhibition of Picasso’s work in Morocco in the month of April in the year 2017. Since the time this event was announced, a lot of fans of Picasso’s work have been joyful. This is the first time that Picasso’s work will be exhibited in an Arab and Africanimg_0172-0 country. The host country is what makes this news all the more special. It is going to be a real treat for Moroccans.

This exhibition is planned to take place in Mohammed VI Museum for Modern and Contemporary Art. It will begin in the month of April 2017, and will continue until July 2017 end. This new move is seen as a way to bridge gaps between cultures and bring together all the art lovers under a single roof. Picasso is known for his extraordinary paintings. Most of his paintings tell a story. These stories are either his own life’s story or talk about a certain but important phase of history.

It is an initiative which will be remembered for years to come. All art enthusiasts out there who have always wanted to have a closer look at Picasso’s art are looking at it as an opportunity that they could only dream of until yesterday. It is expected that the collection will be big and showcased for almost four months in a row. Picasso is considered to be a gift to the world of art. He first painted using oil paints at the age of nine years only. It is also widely believed that the first word that he spoke was “Lápiz”.