Interior Design

Similarities Between Modern and Contemporary Interior Design

When it comes to interior design, the terms modern and contemporary come up all the time. These are two significant design elements known to create simple, lavish, and luxurious space for personal and business use. Each is uniquely different with unique characteristics, but they have several factors in common.

Below are a few similarities, but you can check Tylko’s guide to modern and contemporary living for more inspiration.


Both styles adopt a very minimal and simplistic nature in their design. From furniture to decor items, few elegant pieces are carefully chosen to complement space without adding clutter and many non-functional items. Modern interiors experiment more with color but very minimally, and the color scheme is often different hues of the same base color. In both, the less is more philosophy applies.

Clean Fine Lines

It is impossible to miss the clean lines from the architecture to the main pieces’ interior layout. Both design styles are meticulous and detail-oriented, focussing on symmetry that ensures everything falls in its rightful place. The furniture layout in both is strategically determined for an overall bespoke feel and look to space. It is one of the most outstanding features of both design styles, making it their signature characteristic, among others.

Open Spaces

They both look and feel airy, with the design created to leave as much open space as possible. The open space feel results from both design styles’ minimalist nature, where only essential furnishings are used, leaving extra free space. It is a very appealing design style, making it easier to clean and maintain crisp, organized, beautiful areas.

Durable Materials

The materials used in both styles tend to be sturdy and durable. Main furniture and decor pieces are usually pieces made of wood, glass, and stone, whereas smaller accent pieces incorporate raffia, jute, sisal, and more. These are mainly naturally occurring materials, and these two styles shy away from synthetic materials and decor items such as plastic. It is an environmentally friendly approach that uses long-lasting materials within the desired aesthetics.

Creative and Artistic

It takes a lot of creativity to curate beautiful spaces with a modern and contemporary feel. Every piece makes a difference, and only a tasteful eye can spot separate items, textures, shapes, and sizes and bring them together in a beautiful space. Both of these design styles require as much precision to achieve the desired aesthetic.