Interior Design

Simple Home Storage Solutions

We all have been there and experienced having a lot of stuff at home with nowhere to put them, and the results, a clutter-filled house. A messy house can be stressful, and the only way to bring harmony back to your home is coming up with innovative storage ideas. If you think of it, getting rid of your stuff that you may need later is unnecessary if you have empty walls and spaces open spaces in your house. Here are a few home storage ideas you can use.

Storage Bed

The bedroom may have the biggest demand for storage but not the space to put stuff away. Look under the bed. No one sleeps or stays under it, and you can take advantage of that space. It can be a bit practical to put boxes of important stuff under the bed, and they will not affect your zzz in any way.

Build an Under-the-Sink Storage

Ever thought of that? The spot underneath the sink in your kitchen could be an untouched space. Take advantage of that space by installing a sliding organizer. You can store cleaning supplies for your dishes. You can have it screwed into the wall or cabinet base for stability.

Build a Wall Storage

One of the most unoccupied spaces in your house is the walls. Any wall space can become decorative storage. Mount wood on the wall, paint it to complete your décor and use the shelves to store your items. You can use this wall storage in your kitchen, or living room.

Over the Sink Dish Drain Rack

Understandably, your countertops have little space, and you don’t know where to place your dish rack. If the area on top of your sink is empty, you can buy an awesome dish rack that rests over the sink. Once you wash the dishes and place them on the rack, they will drain into the sink.

Hanging Bike Rack

If you are a cyclist, you know it too well that someone else likes your bike out there. For your bike’s safety, you might consider storing it in the house, where there may be no enough space. Go fancy with a pulley system that draws your bikes up towards the roof, and you have the floor area all for yourself. You only need to design some vinyl coated C-hooks, screw them into a joist, hang one of your bike wheels, and use the pulley to pull the bike up.